Buscando Trabajo: Looking for Work in NYC started as a public Facebook page and group targeted, but not limited, to the Spanish-speaking population of the New York and New Jersey area interested in restaurant, deli and bar positions. These jobs – the backbone of most restaurants and bars – include line cook, delivery boy, dishwasher, bus boy and barback. As of August 2018 there are over 14,000 subscribers. The Facebook group reaches them on a site where they are — there are 10 million Spanish dominant speakers registered on Facebook in the US. 82.8% return to Facebook daily (Facebook, internal data 2014).

Started in June 2015, the primary function of the page was to act as a Spanish-language bulletin board to help restaurant industry job seekers in the New York area. Pictures of help wanted signs in windows are posted to a Facebook group along with the directions so those interested can apply for the job in person.

As the site grew via word of mouth from people who had found jobs as well as hiring managers, small business owners, and HR personnel would contact the page to inquire about posting their own position openings.

Restaurants we’ve worked with:

Maison Keyser
Shelly’s Deli
City Sandwich
Acra Café
Fig and Pig Catering
Brooklyn Wine Yard
Marta (Union Square Hospitality)